Shield Iron 102 Security door


All Doors Include
Heavy-duty, 2″ steel frame—fully welded—for added strength.
welded pickets and castings—for extra strength.
Tempered safety glass-metal framed with a compression bulb seal.
Top screen panel included—bottom screens also available.
Deadbolt systems—features a full 1″ bolt throw.
Steel tamper lip—denies prying access to the deadbolt.
one-way hinge screws—make hinge removal a difficult process.
Mitered top corners—for a smooth finished look.
strong weather-stripped jamb—prevents air loss.
Double weather-stripped adjustable sweep—adjusts to a threshold for a better air and insect seal.
A heavy-duty pneumatic closer that —adjusts door closing speed.
Shock absorber wind chain—helps prevent accidental damage.
Tight pin hinges- have non-removable pins—prevents hinge tampering.
Powder-coat finish for durability and fade resistance.

Texture Putty +

Texture putty

Texture Telephone Gray +

Texture Telephone Gray

Hammered Light Gray +

Hammered Light Gray

Hammer Blue +

Hammered Blue

Hammer Bronze +

Hammer Bronze

Desert Sand +

Desert Sand

OD Green +

OD Green

Flat FS Black +

Flat FS Black

Tractor Green +

Tractor Green

Tractor Yellow +

Tractor Yellow

Statuary Bronze +

Statuary Bronze

Texture Steel Gray +

Texture Steel Gray

Textured Oil Rubbed Bronze +

Textured Oil Rubbed Bronze

Metallic Silver +

Metallic Silver

Oil Bronze +

Oil Bronze

Superdurable Black +

Superdurable Black

Superdurable White +

Superdurable White

Superdurable Orange +

Superdurable Orange

Superdurable Red +

Superdurable Red

Superdurable Yellow +

Superdurable Yellow

Texture PMS Gray +

Texture PMS Gray

Textured Pure White +

Textured Pure White

LC White +

LC White

Terra Brown +

Terra Brown

Textured Light Gray +

Textured Light Gray

Copper Vien +

Copper Vein

Texture Blue +

Texture Blue

RAL Grey White +

Ral Grey White

RAL 9010 Pure White +

Pure White RAL

Textured PMS Gray +

Textured PMS Gray

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The 102 Door is a design with 2 panels top and bottom with a cross-section with 2 structural pickets to prevent hands around lock placement and also features lock cover.